The surface that tops your cabinets and provides a useful and beautiful surface is extremely varied in material and price. Your consultant will help you find one that fits you needs and budget. Your builder offers a wide variety of surface materials, but may not offer all the materials mentioned here. Talk to your design consultant to see what type of countertop surfaces your builder offers.

Shade Variation

 Slate and marble and granite, because they are natural product mined out of the earth, will have the greatest ranges of shade variation. Natural products give a warm and unique accent to a home, as no piece is exactly the same. It is amazing what materials Mother Nature can create. It is important to remember when selecting a natural product, though, that it will not look exactly like the sample representation in the design center. Your design consultant will talk to you about shade variation and offer you man made alternatives if natural products are not for you.


Slate, marble, and granite products need more maintenance than their ceramic, porcelain, quartz, or other man made counterparts. They are generally softer products that are easier to scratch. They are also porous and can stain. Therefore, these products generally need to be sealed with a stone sealant on a regular basis to minimize scratching and staining.

Types of Countertops